LinkedIn® professional networking services etiquette—the do’s and don’ts

LinkedIn® professional networking services is a global network made for business professionals and recruiters. Its mission is to connect business professionals so that they can be more successful.

It is very useful for many different types of business professionals if you use it right. One way to ensure you are getting the most out of this platform is to follow basic etiquette.

how to use LinkedIn®

Promptly respond to messages

Because LinkedIn® professional networking services are focused on business professionals communicating with other professionals, promptly respond to your messages. When someone wants to connect with you or talk to you, answer within 24 hours of receiving the message. Even if you are not interested, being prompt with your responses is a professional courtesy.

Don’t invite others to connect from the app

When you first join, it will prompt you to invite people from your email list. However, this isn’t the best way to connect with others. Instead, get your profile set up and optimized and then personally invite everyone else to connect with you. Only invite relevant connections—not your parents or best friend. Use it only for business connections and networking.

Customize messages and recommendations

LinkedIn® professional networking services offers various automated messaging when you connect with people and for other types of messages such as recommendations. However, take the time to write a unique message to each person. The few extra minutes this will take can pay off greatly.

Use your manners

The worst thing you can do is try to connect to people too many times. If they don’t connect with you after one or two tries, give it up. Never send messages to people before getting to know them a little bit about your offer or something you’re selling. That’s sleazy and never sells. Think of how you would want to be approached—people want useful information in a timely manner, but never want to be annoyed.

Connect to engage, not to sell

In groups, on your feed, and in InMail®, don’t connect with people because you have something to sell. Successful businesses are built on relationships. Connect with people because you believe you will be able to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Sales will happen, but not if you start with that.

Be active and consistent

Like on other social platforms, the algorithm rewards active participation. It’s suggested you update your status at least three times a day and at most once daily. Publish articles, share your blog posts, and participate in groups by commenting and engaging with the members. If you go dark for any period, it’s like starting all over again in the algorithm.

Using LinkedIn® professional networking services can be very lucrative. However, remember that using any type of social platform for networking means you are in it for the long game. You need to nurture your audience and take your time getting to know them before throwing out your offers. Plus, the proposals need to be 100 percent relevant and useful to your audience.


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