Virtual Assistant 411 Jenn HamrickI dipped my toes in the entrepreneurial world in 1998, and I became a momma in 1999.

Over the years, I have bought, built and sold various types of businesses—from restaurants to retail to an oil-change gig to an electronic repair facility. I like a bit of variety.

I started this online gig like many of you with a blog back in the day.

Over the years, it evolved into what is today Story Social Media™, a marketing agency that allows me to work with businesses all over the world to grow their online presence and increase their bottom line.

My background? It is business.

My brain? It’s very technical. Growing businesses is my jam.

I know what it is to feel stuck in life. I know what it is to wonder if there is anything more than the hustle and bustle, the stress (and I mean chronic stress) that life can bring.

I know what it is to feel like you are swimming in peanut butter and getting nowhere. I also know you were made to live a healthy, happy life.

Will it always be easy? Absolutely not. This is the real world, not a fairytale. But there is such a thing as a life where you will not have to wonder how you will pay your mortgage or rent—or if you have enough money to buy the treats for the kids at the grocery this week. It is possible to not have to depend on two incomes.

You have skills, and you have talents. Some of them may be from your past job experiences or volunteer positions. And some of your qualifications may still be undiscovered.

I believe with everything in me that if you have a true desire in your heart and are willing to put effort behind it, anything is possible.

Need some clarity or help on getting started? Schedule a 20-minute call with me, and let’s get a game plan laid out for you.

I’m cheering you on.


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